We can positively help to transform the fundraising ability of nonprofits who routinely struggle to increase donations and supporters. There are literally thousands of quality and effective nonprofit orgs that never reach their full capacity for lack of funds. This unique platform can change that in a hurry by delivering an impressive fundraising “lifeline“.

Let’s take a virtual walk and dream together about exposing your nonprofit to thousands of new potential donors. In this dream you are guided by a gracious and altruistic “host” that introduces you to their myriad of enthusiastically devoted social media followers. Better yet, your host offers to reward followers for agreeing to support your nonprofit’s mission…

This is not a dream, my friend. Nope, it’s the very real OhMyGood (OMG) fundraising platform.

Let’s face it, many NPOs struggle for funds to operate and carry out their designated mission. The need to fundraise represents an uphill challenge where typical fundraising ‘events’ and ‘outreach’ frequently fall painfully short of generating adequate funds.

The truth is that your org is competing for donors in a flooded arena that includes thousands of other worthy nonprofit causes. Your ability to attract new donors will require an aggressive use of social media (primarily Facebook & Twitter) to reach your designated fundraising goals. The harder truth is that you cannot easily build your own social media audience fast enough. This is a challenge that can only be conquered by the engagement of “other people’s” social media might.

Many pro athletes, film/TV and music celebs possess large fan followings on social media. Social media provides an active conduit for fans to feel connected to the celebs they follow.

In brief, the OMG platform pairs a designated celebrity with a nonprofit org in once-in-a-lifetime experience for one randomly selected donor. An OMG campaign encourages celeb fans to “enter to win” a personal LIVE VIDEO CHAT session with the designated celebrity at the conclusion of the campaign. It’s that particular “carrot” to that particular “audience” that generates exposure and produces engagement for your org. Fans engage because of the celeb and in doing so, become donors.

OMG represents a golden opportunity to reach and engage massive social media audiences well beyond what you could reach on your own.

We would like to arrange to share more details with you by scheduling an online meeting session.
During that session we will explore the potential opportunity to host a campaign for your nonprofit org. Not every nonprofit org will qualify and we reserve the final right to determine the provision of service.

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