Hyper-Drive Donations Using a Mobile Landing Page

Simply put, greater that half of your donors now engage using a mobile device. Your fundraising call-to-action and donation process must be clear and convenient.

An effective Mobile Landing Page (MLP) must successfully capture user attention, compel them to donate and conveniently navigate them through the entire donation process within seconds.

In short, the purpose of an MLP is to hyper-drive donation engagement

A Mobile Landing Page is not a replacement for your org’s website! It’s not designed to provide the user with details on your org. The sole purpose of your MLP is to initiate donation action from the user.

Added to your current fundraising tools, a custom designed campaign Mobile Landing Page will help boost the success of your social media and email fundraising outreach.

We love crafting effective tools for fundraising!

Please see details below


Try accessing a few MLP examples using your Mobile Device.
A beautiful custom MLP can be prepared for your org in as little as one week.
Our fee is $1250. and includes the following:
  • // Custom designed MLP with universally accessible URL.
  • // API integration directly to your org’s PayPal account
  • // One full year of hosting
  • // One Year of Unlimited campaign design edits and modifications
  • // Admin access to donation reporting
Add a Mobile Landing Page to your arsenal of fundraising outreach tools and watch the magic happen! Please email us at info@givenetwork.biz for further details.