Independent Retailer Initiative

$55/yr can facilitate incredible impact.
Your establishment can generate Thousands per year.

The GiveNetwork – Independent Retailer Initiative involves the hosting of “Smart QR Donation Portals” in registered public venues for consumer access and engagement via Smartphone/Tablet. Through these portals, host locations serve by facilitating the acceptance of donations in support of critical domestic causes and periodic disaster relief efforts around the world.

Thousands of donation portals will be deployed and displayed in retails stores, restaurants, hotels, banks, movie theaters, gas stations, schools, municipal public buildings, office buildings, corporate offices and other publicly accessible facilities. With such, convenient donation access is exposed to millions of Smartphone equipped consumers/citizens on a daily basis.

Your independent business establishment can become a key part of this ambitious global initiative. At an annual cost of only $55, the proud display of the GiveNetwork donation portal in your business venue will give evidence of your dedication towards critical domestic needs and overall social good.