OhMyGood (OMG) is a fully turnkey platform, offering a one-stop solution for conducting high impact                      ‘Enter 2 WIN’ fundraising campaigns for charity. The OMG solution includes our highly efficient mobile platform, universal global user access, automated donation processing, customized donor receipting along with all legal and accounting aspects of the sweepstakes.

From a sweepstakes standpoint, OMG provides valuable efficiencies that make launching a campaign easier for        host celebrities and more financially beneficial for charity/causes.

We believe the ultimate goal is to raise the greatest possible amount of money for your charity/cause. The best             way to accomplish  this is to offer incentives to the potential donors in a highly memorable experience.

Our campaign managers work with host celebrities and their staffs to determine how best to maximize the fundraising results for your charity/cause.

Some of our notable features…

  • Donors/users are not required to issue a minimum donation amount.
  • Donors/users are not required to register in order to use our platform.
  • We provide users with convenient online ‘free-to-enter’ access
  • Our fees are $1150. + 7% of collected donations processed through our platform  (excl. card fees).

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