Branded Campaign Example


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit operates 500 restaurants throughout the US. Each location presents patrons with the opportunity to “electively” donate via Smartphone from their table. This removes the “ask” from the food purchase process and allows the patron to decide independently to give or not. Customary “tent card” displays are used to promote engagement in the fundraiser by offering an incentive.

We uniquely pair the use of custom designed QR codes with retail incentives (as in Dickey’s $250 Gift Card) to attract a higher percentage of consumer/patron engagement. Scanning the QR code or entering the URL delivers users to an effective mobile landing donation facility, designed to reinforce the CTA and trigger the donation process.

As a special benefit to the host brand, each location is provided with user/donor contact data at the close of each month. This valuable information allows brands like Dickey’s to further engage with their loyal patrons.

Please contact your GiveNetwork rep for more detailed information.